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10 Things Insurance Agents Can Outsource To Increase Productivity

To run a successful agency, there are certain things you can outsource to increase productivity and more. This article looks at what areas you could outsource to free up your time for more valuable endeavours.

For Agencies In The Growth Phase:

Running an agency is a lot like keeping many plates spinning at once, it takes the ability to multitask like a pro, top notch communication skills, laser like focus and time management that would make the military weep. It is no wonder that when agencies start to grow, the plates begin to wobble. It’s at this point that you need to outsource to increase productivity.
One lesson that every agency owner learns sooner or later is the power of delegation. When the plates are wobbling, your communication starts to break down and your time management becomes sub par. You are at maximum capacity, but you do not have to do this alone. Why not focus your time on an area of expertise, and let the professionals take over the drain on your time and energy?

For Established Agencies

Are you tired of your account managers being strapped to monotonous, time-consuming tasks, when they should be focused on growing the business? Outsourcing can help them
stop wasting time & energy chasing paperwork & focus on dollar productive tasks that bring in revenues.

So what areas can you outsource to increase productivity?

Insurance Agents are naturally used to being solopreneurs. It has long been the nature of an Insurance Professional to set out as a one-person operation because in the beginning it generally works out fine. But what happens when you want to scale and grow your business? At one point, being the go-getter that you are, you will find that working in the business takes away from your time to actually work ON it and all the daily minutiae that need to be taken care of will hamper your growth. When you find that those daily tasks start to take away from your time to focus on your revenue producing activities, hiring a Insurance Virtual Assistant might be the next best step for you to consider.

First, take the time to figure out what non-revenue productive activities in your business you can take off your plate and delegate. Try the exercise called the sticky challenge where you list down everything you do and how long it takes you, on a sticky note. After a few days, go through those sticky notes and determine which ones are actually revenue productive and which ones are not. Chances are, those sticky notes with tasks that are taking your time but not directly driving your revenue are ones that you can delegate to a virtual assistant.

Top 5 Reasons To Consider Outsourcing !

1️⃣ Save Time = Spend more time closing deals.
2️⃣ Improve Efficiency – Stuff gets done on time everytime.
3️⃣ Save Money – Low Pricing – No taxes or benefits.
4️⃣ Overcome Skill Shortage – Finding & keeping service talent is hard.
5️⃣ Improve Service – Provide better service to clients.

Top Tasks To Consider For Outsourcing

Many of the tasks in a policy life cycle that do not need licensing can be outsourced – basically, anything that can be done virtually from you desk can be delegated to a virtual assistant.Here are some of the popular options.

Existing Business Tasks

Renewals & Remarkets
Cancellations & Reinstatements
Endorsements & Changes
Downloads & Backups
Deliver Document Requests
Certificates & Evidences

New Business Tasks

Commercial Quote Processing ( Acord Apps,Loss Runs,Online Submissions)
Home & Auto Quotes
Create Proposals
New Business Data Entry Into AMS


Welcome eMails & Other Marketing eMails
Outbound Engine,Rocket Referral, Mailchimp etc Management.
Social Media & Blog Posts
Local Listings Management
Reputation Management


Commission Statements
Direct Bill Statements
Agency Bill Statements
Bank Reconciliations
Quickbooks Data Entry


Special Projects
Data Entry
Document Retrieval & Indexing