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Self Service Portals For Agencies

What is a client self service portal ?:

A website alone is no longer enough for your policy holders.In today’s Uber & Amazon driven world of 24X7 support, customers expect service to be provided anytime, anywhere they can connect to the internet. They’re looking for a way that gives them access to policy and claims information, proof of insurance, and the ability to update their contact info among other elements.

Companies that want to stay ahead of the game need to adapt to the new ways of communication and cutting costs than just following the traditional rules that have defined customer service in the past. An increasing number of agencies are recognizing the benefits of self service portals for improving the company’s overall brand image. Not only that, by adopting a cost effective customer service portal, agencies save valuable time & resources that go into servicing a client.

Bottomline : Agency self service portals are a win-win situation for both the customer and the agency.

Components Of a Good Self Service Portal :

Customer Support : Enables the customer to request changes or submit claims information 24X7 and more.
Knowledge Base : Enables customers to learn about your insurance products and answers most frequently asked questions.